‘The man portrayed in this photo is responsible for Formula 1 of today. He is responsible for realizing race car drivers’ worth as human beings, as regular and fragile as any of us. He is responsible for bringing into Formula 1 the things that, without his presence and stern voice, would have taken years to be realized. Safety.’
‘It took one man’s sacrifice to give the authorities a kick up the back, get something done. It took another man’s, and many more in between, to save the lives of generations and generations to come. It took this man to say it, no human being is supernatural and invulnerable, not even Formula 1 drivers, the fastest men (and women) on the surface of the Earth.’
‘He was always there, always there when you needed him. To give medical attention, a helping hand, a friendly chat or his very own hand in friendship. It didn’t matter, he was always by our side, watching over like a godly guardian.’
To the Prof, our thanks for your invaluable contribution to Formula 1. Nice to know you were there.
Roberto MorenoBenetton-Ford B191Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, 1991
Jackie StewartTyrrell Ford-Cosworth 006Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps, 1973
Michele AlboretoLola-Lamborghini LC89Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps, 1989
Jacques VilleneuveWilliams Mecachrome FW20Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps, 1998
Olivier PanisLigier Mugen-Honda JS41Australian GP, Adelaide, 1995
Johnny HerbertJaguar Ford-Cosworth R1Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, 2000
Gerhard BergerFerrari 412 T2Australian GP, Adelaide, 1995